SpotCheck ReelEstimator

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Product Description

This device consists of a kind of ruler and calculator, making various parameters of the reel entered and the calculator calculates an accurate estimate of such parts.

Saves a lot of time compared with other real counters; set, unroll and roll thing of the past. An accurate estimate can give a little aberration, but the cost of 50 or 100 resistors of 1 cent outweigh the cost savings on labor.

And the price is very interesting!

Always wanted to know how many parts
on a broken SMT reel?

It can be done with the SpotCheck ReelEstimator!

– in 4 easy steps
– suitable for all thickness and sizes
– for reels of 18 as well as 33 cm.
– even if the reels are on the machine
– accuracy within 5%
– economically uses a 9V battery
– much faster and cheaper than other counters